Who we are:

We are a group of friends who decided to start a blog together talking about something we love: craft beer! You can read more about us and our individual flavor preferences below.



Jayme is the lead on the team when it comes to technical beer knowledge. It is his passion that is the driving force behind the inception of this blog. When not taking walks on the beach, Jayme enjoys frothy German wheats and malty porters.

Contact: Jayme@hopshock.com




A hipster millennial with a passion for craft beer. He loves to frequent local Pittsburgh microbreweries with his favorites being Cinderlands, Grist House, and Hitchhiker. His preferred brew styles include IPAs, Belgian Tripels, and Sours. His current number one favorite beer is the Ridgeback Rider IPA from Grist House Brewing.

Contact: Kevin@hopshock.com



Adam (Pants)

Pants is the head editor of the sites posts, so if you see shit grammar, please feel free to send him a strongly worded e-mail.  He is tied with Kevin in experience in terms of connoisseur-ism in craft brews.  Pants digs IPAs and anything wheat-y, though a good sour or saison will get him going. Porters and stouts rustle his jimmies.

Contact: adam@hopshock.com




Lucas is the lead administrator on the website. He has the least experience with, as he would say, “fancy beers” but is well on his way to learning as much as he can.  He seeks to offer you a man on the street take with his reviews to help guide those new like him into the world of less mainstream beers. His flavor preferences include a little bit of everything, and he is the most likely to go for the darker beers.

Contact: lucas@hopshock.com



Sophia is our resident social media specialist and beer photographer extraordinaire. Dealing with the rest of us is also another great superpower she possesses.

Contact: You can interact with Sophia on any of our social media platforms. Links can be found below the logo at the bottom of the page.


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