Pittsburgh Brew’d North Shore Fog

Southern Tier Brewing Co.

Crafted in: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

HopShock Brew Review by KevMal


They Say:  

Hazy, NEIPA triple dry hopped with Citra & Amarillo hops (https://untappd.com/b/southern-tier-brewing-company-pittsburgh-brew-d-north-shore-fog/2619049)   


HopShock Snapshot:

Style: New England IPA

ABV: 6.5%

IBU:  20

Hops: Citra, Amarillo

Global Untappd: 3.94/5


Looks Like:

The iconic hazy body of a New England IPA. The term North Shore Fog is accurate here, looking at that clouded straw-colored glass. A slight bubbling head sits atop the cloudy brew while a creamy essence gives it that thicker look.


Smells Like:  

A floral aroma filled my nostrils while a scent of citrus lingered behind. This scent was not as overpowering as it was comforting. A crisp smell to counteract that foggy and creamy body I was seeing.


Tastes Like:  

The grapefruit from the Citra and the orange from the Amarillo dominated the flavor department. After the initial juicy rush hit, a slight bitterness (to remind me it was an IPA) lingered. I gave a sip to my buddy who was enjoying a Chai Tea Infused Pumking and he was loving this brew as well.


When to Drink:  

I snagged this brew in the heat of summer where it was a beautifully refreshing break from the blazing sun. The citrus and floral essence make this a great summer beer, but the creamy body lets it soothe you into autumn as well. This less bitter brew is a fantastic transition into IPAs. Whether you are a seasoned IPA fanatic or just a Bud Light bro who pounds aluminum bottles at your frat party on weekends, this is easily a brew for you!



Our waitress informed us this foggy ale quickly became a bestseller and was also featured in the Pittsburgh Brewery Guide as a fan favorite. After finishing this hazy wonder I couldn’t help but want more. Although not readily available in bottles or standard cans, you can still grab a growler (64 oz) or a crowler (32oz) to-go exclusively at Southern Tier’s Pittsburgh Taproom! Other similar brews include Voodoo Ranger Juicy Haze IPA and Sam Adams New England IPA! 


So you finished your North Shore Fog and you step outside the brewery! Now what? Well here’s some other ideas for you and your gang of twenty-something year olds to do while you’re here!


Head up to the Mexican War Streets!


Get a Pint at Bier’s Pub

  • Located at 900 Western Ave in Pittsburgh, this comfy watering hole hosts delicious burgers and pub grub. While you’re there, head downstairs to the War Streets Brewery Taproom to get a nice selection of their fresh craft brews.


Gaze at the Art of Andy Warhol

  • The Andy Warhol museum tells this artist’s story by displaying his works in creative fashion for anyone to enjoy. With seven floors of exhibits, you can easily spend a nice chunk of your day browsing the creative mind of one of Pittsburgh’s most famous natives.


KevMal’s Rating:  4.5/5 – A crisp scent followed by a full creamy body makes this a go-to beer for me


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