Heritage Creek Brewing

Crafted in: Pittsburgh (Mars), PA

HopShock Brew Review by KevMal


Who They Are:  

Named after the owner’s Himalayan cat (who loved hanging out under the hop vines), this IPA is part of a small startup brewery in Mars, PA. Heritage Creek Brewing was born when eight guys pitched in some cash to purchase their brew system and began to pursue their passion of crafting their own unique beers.


HopShock Snapshot:

Style: American IPA

Hops: Chinook and Centennial. These hops were harvested in early September in their own backyard.



Looks Like:

This brew has a darker tone to it, but still translucent enough to hint at its crisp nature. The bold red color is pleasing to the eye and got me very interested in what it was going to taste like.  First look I would assume this was an amber ale, but the taste will soon prove otherwise. To top it off, the head of the brew was very thin with little carbonation.


Smells Like:  

Those homegrown Chinook hops dominated the scent of this IPA. It gave off a true spicy scent with some lingering pine notes. This really complimented the look of the beer as well. When I see a darker colored IPA, I typically expect a strong spicy aroma to it. In the background of that spice was a hint of lemon (from those Centennial) that didn’t hit until the spice receded. The two scents combined beautifully and got me set up nicely for drinking this brew.


Tastes Like:  

My initial taste kept the spice going, as the Chinook hops lead the way. Interestingly though, I started to get more fruit flavor in the taste than in the scent. I could not place it specifically, but it was for sure a smooth citrus that balanced out that hard spice. Without overwhelming the flavor, this IPA kept a calm bitterness to it, while still showcasing its hop-forward nature. This made the brew very drinkable! I could easily have a few pints of this crisp beverage with no problem.


When to Drink:  

I enjoyed this IPA on a cold winter afternoon in my kitchen. I have to say, the spice and dark color of it really complimented the weather. I am not a huge fan of stouts, so when it comes to cold-weather beer, I would much prefer a spice-driven IPA to sip on. That being said, because of its crisp nature I could really see myself drinking these throughout fall as well.



The overall drinking of the Himalayan Runoff IPA was a solid experience. It was unique in its color and flavor while also providing a familiar bitterness we love in IPAs. After my first sip I immediately had two other brews that came to mind: Sam Adams Rebel IPA and Chinookie IPA by Full Pint Brewing. Both of these brews boast a similar toasted spice flavor and a slight bitterness. If you are a fan of either of these, I highly suggest giving the Himalayan Runoff a try!


KevMal’s Rating: 4/5 – spicy, fruity, hoppy, and delicious

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