Blueberry Raspberry Lime Fruitsicle

Oddside Ales

Crafted in: Grand Haven, Michigan

HopShock Brew Review by KevMal


They Say:  

Juicy, fruity, slightly tart ale brewed with lactose. Blueberries, Raspberries and Lime added. (  


HopShock Snapshot:

Style: Fruit Beer

ABV: 4.5%


Global Untappd: 3.79/5


Looks Like:

A complex mix of deep purple with hints of red. It really reminded me of a dark, cool glass of wine. The body was very thick and creamy with a small, white head; almost as if a small layer of whipped cream glazed the top. 


Smells Like:  

Tart, sweet, fruity raspberries dominate the scent with a secondary punch of blueberries coming in after. In the background, a hint of lime mellowed out the sweetness. I got a strong nostalgic scent of candy. Might I dare say…it smells like a…fruitsicle!


Tastes Like:  

Strong and creamy Juicy Juice! Immediately when I tasted this my eyes lit up with excitement. I was expecting it to be really sour, but to my surprise it was much more smooth. I could taste the thickness of the creamsicle as well as the sweetness of the various fruits. Not being able to taste any alcohol is a dangerous game, and this brew was an expert. Drinking melted creamsicles all day is not very difficult, so be careful with how quick you sip a 6-pack of these guys. This brew by Oddside Ales tasted absolutely wonderful.


When to Drink:  

This is a great dessert beer during the summer. Go ahead and eat a nice meal outside on the deck, then make sure to crack open this fruity brew, pour it into a glass, and let the sweetness take over your senses. 




Brewed with lactose and a variety of fruits, this beverage really made an impact. I recommend this fruitsicle ale to those who love the sweeter things in life. Those who lean toward the sour side could also appreciate this due to it’s slight tart essence. With its creamy body, it also appeals to those who go toward thicker beers. Similar brews I’ve tasted include Lindeman’s Framboise and Grist House’s Red Shaman. 


KevMal’s Rating: 4.75/5 – A thick, creamy, tart, sweet, fruity brew that was just delightful


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